The first stage consists ofsubmitting a projectby filling in the form below; the form is sent to theeditorial committeeat the same time that an acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the project leader.

The second stage is expertise from the editorial committee, in terms that, if the project is selected, a personal account is assigned to the project leader, a monitor is appointed to follow the project's development and an associate researcher record is added to contributors.

The third stage is the production and publication of the project. This takes the form of a dossier: its publication can be deferred. The publication will be announced by various means of communication (announcement and reminders on the welcome page, posts on online mailing lists and social networks, Carnet Dezède).

The Dezède associate researcher retains the intellectual property of their work: all the data inputted and dossiers compiled are signed and secured. They can make use of the tools at their disposal (statistical tools, tool for exporting indexed annexes) to facilitate their research and publication.